We each have a story to tell.

On our blog, Children of Hoarders share about their lives, including their challenges and hard-earned lessons gained on their healing and recovery paths.

Are you a child of a hoarder (COH) and want to share your story with this community?

Sharing your voice in a community is a powerful way to feel a sense of belonging. When our words are released, shame and pain can dissolve and we learn to accept parts of ourselves that we may have previously hidden from the world. Many of us weren't given enough space growing up. Reclaim that space in the world by offering your voice to this community.  Do you have a poem, a journal entry, a drawing/painting, or a short story about being a COH that would feel empowering to share? We would love to hear from you and give your story space to be read and recognized.  

Our Stories


How Art Journaling Helped Me Heal Unprocessed Emotions

"All my life, it has been hard to take up space. I never felt allowed. In my own home, I had to shrink and restrict my movements to squeeze into the corridors and closets. I never felt like I had room to sprawl out. It felt like I always had to adapt to the environment and most of the time, it felt like the stuff was all consuming and energy-draining. I didn't realize how much living this way had made me play 'small' in so many areas of my life until I started my own healing