We each have a story to tell.

On our blog, Children of Hoarders share about their lives, including their challenges and hard-earned lessons gained on their healing and recovery paths.

Are you a child of a hoarder (COH) and want to share your story with this community?

Sharing your voice in a community is a powerful way to feel a sense of belonging. When our words are released, shame and pain can dissolve and we learn to accept parts of ourselves that we may have previously hidden from the world. Many of us weren't given enough space growing up. Reclaim that space in the world by offering your voice to this community.  Do you have a poem, a journal entry, a drawing/painting, or a short story about being a COH that would feel empowering to share? We would love to hear from you and give your story space to be read and recognized.  

Our Stories


The Maze

"My sister and I turn the corner only to realize it's another dead-end. We turn toward each other with a look of defeat, we exhale, and...

Sketching Her Way Out

"Isolation is no stranger to me, but it feels much more real in this time more than ever. My mother developed compulsive hoarding...

Interview with Adult COH "Mary"

How did you learn to organize or clean your space? The house I grew up in developed a mold problem that was making my entire family sick,...